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actor: Vanness Wu

Countries: Hong Kong

Yip man's land. Ip man 4 box office. Yip man 4 مترجم. Ill admit, when ip man adopted master hungs fighting style, it brought a tear to my eye. Come here after watching ipman 4.


Donnie Yen has been in lot of movies that grabs your attention from beginning to the end, I appreciate the actor that he is but more so the knowledge of martial art he displays. Looking forward to watching more of his movies. Yip man 4 2018. Yip Man 4.0. Yip man 4 full movie. A punch by Mike Tyson whatever it hits is already a win for him, his punches can easily break bones. This movie was great and funny. Yip man 4 english movie. Just glad Scott Adkins is getting some very well deserved, very late, big show time...

Glad Danny Chen is back is Bruce Lee. I love the Ip Man Movies 🤩

There's a number of wing chun practitioners at this level now. They are all amazing and underestimated. Yip man 4 / ip man 4 the finale (2019) cam trailer. Yip man 4 online. Yip man 4 (2019. Ip Man 4: Bruce Lee. Ip man 4 the finale. Yip Man 4.6. 6:00 咏春听桥. The Trench Coat Man It was my 1st of 2 days off of work, and I wanted to enjoy them the best I could. Working 60 hours a week, 5 days a week was taking a toll on my body. Joint pains, saggy dark brown eyes, and shaky legs were only a few of the many symptoms I felt. I only wanted to get a away, find a nice open pasture, filled with the sounds of nature, away from all civilization, and get the best sleep of my life. I had one place in my mind. “No, no, not here! Please dont do this here! ” I screamed, and shouted, venting my frustrations in the middle of a dirt road, miles away from any gas station, or any kind of help. My piece of crap car broke down, and my cell phone wasnt getting any signal. I guess thats what I get. Working 60 hours a week, and still cant afford a decent car, or service provider, all because I chose to have a child with the “girl of my dreams”. “Girl of my dreams” my rear. I shouldve know she was only in it for the free money, child support, and all the government food stamps she could get. Thats a story for a different day. The engine roared, and the wheels turned slightly, after giving it another try. It filled me with hope, but then instant dissatisfaction. The engine blew, letting out a noise loud enough for a whole neighborhood to hear. The yipping, and howling of coyotes, immediately following, alerted me that I would have to find a way out, and fast. I only walked a couple of minutes before hearing a loud, high pitched voice behind me. “Rememba your childhood? We rememba! Check out our new VR, back to the past experience! ” he screamed in a New Yorker's accent. I tuned around, only to be met, eye to eye by this salesman. He wore a long, brown trench coat, and had black scruffy hair. His eyes, like mine, looked devoid of any rest. He continued to stare into my eyes, as he screamed his sales pitch once again. Only thing I found weird about this was that I didnt remember seeing him, or the building behind him, on my way by. I told myself that I was just too tired to have noticed it. “Im interested! ” I walked fast paced towards the man. “Come in, come in! ” he smirked, and walked me towards the store. “So how does this work? How much does it cost? ” I said nearing a VR station. I have only seen these online, and at the mall, Ive never actually used one. “Sit down, Sit down, brotha. Save the worries for later” he scuffed my hair, to match his, before placing the headset on my head. I was amazed to see my childhood self, in the same park I played in when I was younger. I watched, and smiled with much joy. It was, oddly, relaxing watching myself in a time without any worries. “I dont remember this part" I thought to myself, as I was approached by a dark figure. The figure left deep foot prints in the ground, as it neared me. The slides, and swings lost their color. With each step closer the figure became clearer. It was the same man, in the long trench coat. He smiled at my child self, staring deeply into his eyes. My child self stood up, and stared back as if he was in a trance. The way the man stood, the way he smiled. I could tell his intentions werent good. I struggled as hard as I could, but I couldnt move. I felt the strain on my arms, as if they were strapped down inside of the VR station. The trench coat man pointed toward my child self's trousers. “Uh-uh" my child self responded, innocently. He returned to play inside of the playground. The play area he neared grayed out before disappearing. His cheeks turned a dark red. His eyes watered, and mouth hung low. The man stood in front of him, once again, and pointed towards his trousers. “Momma! ” my child self screamed at the top his lungs. The trees, the grass, and everything around us turned directions, as if they were turning their backs on this little boy. The sky turned dark, as if even the blue sky didnt want to have a part in this. I continued to struggle. I wiggled, and tapped into all of my strength, in Hopes to help myself. Deep imprints shaped like fingers formed on my arms. Someone was holding me back in real life. “Watch! ” I heard in the same New York accent. The smell of his putrid breath brought a vague picture inside of my head. It was me, in a hospital gown, laying on a gurney. The same man stood over me with my family standing around me, all with their backs turned to me. Even the doctor, and the law officials surrounding us had their backs' turned towards me. Their facial expressions gave me the impression that they either didnt care, or they didnt want anything to do with me. With each attempt to release myself of this grip, I heard the sound of plastic, and metal separating from each other. My child self was within the clutches of the trench coat man. I gasped, trying to catch my breath, and regain my energy. With each breath I took, so did my child self. The Trench Coat Man turned around, with sweat dripping from his face, and looked deep inside of my eyes. “Rememba your childhood! Because I do" he clenched his dark, rotted teeth together, and showed me one of the most fear inducing smiles Ive ever seen. “No… NO! ” I screamed. One of my hands broke free from the clutches of the man. A small, sharp piece of metal jabbed me in my back. I tried to reach for the kid. I bolstered up, all the energy I could. My child self felt this same energy within him. I could see his eyes widening, and his shoulders tightening. I was able to break free from the VR contraption, and from the grip of the man in real life. My child self fought against The Trench Coat Man. He sunk his teeth within The Trench Coat Man's hand. Before I could see him set himself free, I returned to reality. I was on my knees, not to far from my car. I dont know why I couldnt remember what happened on that day. I didnt know why I felt a strain within my chest, as if a tragic, blocked memory was trying to make its way into my head. I dont cry, I have never cried, except on this day. I felt a face full of rocks, and broken rubble, as I cried face against the road. I was able to get home, thanks to a passerby who helped call a tow for me. A few months later, after my vacation time at work was finally accepted, I visited that same playground. I knew I looked weird, being a grown man, visiting a play ground for children, but I didnt care. I wanted to find out what happened. Maybe the playground would jolt my brain into remembering some old, repressed memories. “Son, what are you doing here? ” an old man approached from a bench not to far from the playground. “ I used to play here, where is everyone? ” I said in surprise. “Dont you know? No one comes here, not since The man in trench coat started appearing some 20 years ago. Ever since, theres been countless reports of missing children, and the ones that are found… lets just say they arent the same again. ” The man said with deep thought. “Do we know what happened to them? ” I asked, wanting more information. “They wont talk about it. Nobody knows, and nobody cares. Its like the whole town turned their backs to them, when they needed us the most. But there was one, Andrew Powell, the luckiest one. He was able to escape this town. None of them were able to leave, but he did. He should never return. ” The man said walking away, muttering to himself under his own breath. I stayed at a hotel that same night. It was one the most frightful nights Ive had. I thought about everything he said. It caused my head to spin like a merry go round. Everything around me turned to a blur. The television seemed like it was speaking directly to me. “Andrew Powell, welcome back” I heard in the same New Yorker's accent from within the VR station. I cried out loud, and screamed at all the images around me. All of the pictures and painting were staring at me. They were judging me. “No one wanted you, Andrew. You, and the others are unwanted” they spoke to me. “No, I have done well for myself. I HAVE A KID, HE WANTS ME. ” I screamed loud enough for the whole hotel to hear me. Within a few minutes, I returned back to my senses, but now handcuffed, and being taken to a mental facility by police officers. “You shouldnt have returned, Andrew. You were the lucky one. ” They each, 3 officers, said to me. I kicked, and screamed for my freedom, but now I find myself within this ward. I am “unstable" a “lunatic" as they call me. This ward is for people like me, they call it “The Trench coat ward. Everyone here has their own story of horrors, involving The Trench Coat Man. Not when they were younger, but when they grew up. No one remembered meeting him when they were younger.

Should of been called no time to be white. Ip man 4 showtimes. Yip man 4 torrent.

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Name: Bond Security guy: Rolls up his eyes 👁 James Bond (brings all the memories. Ip man 4 online subtitrat in romana. Ip man 4 release date. Subtitles are not synced properly. Yip man 4 date. I just love IP. MAN. Movies! And my Black belt Daughter... Yip Man 4.1. And suddenly P.E class became my favorite... Yip man 4 cast. Ip man 300: ip man vs. sparta. Lmao 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 2:09 - 2:37 is probably the funniest beat down Ive ever seen in my life. If this Steve was also unfreezed and returned 70 years later, well that makes 2 Steve. Yip man 4 tickets. Got to be honest, as a black man the idea of a black female Replacing Bond is sacrilege! Let the hating begin. Ip man 4 kino. Yip man 4 final fight.

Ip man 4 trailer. Watch ip man 4. Great movie! 有秋生哥同小春一定好戏. 0:31 FIGHT ME! lmao dat voice. Yip man 4 review. Book 1 of The HEL Jumper. Previous] p. First] f. Next] n. “You know, Gael, when you asked me to ‘talk behind the barracks I had imagined something a bit different. Ill admit this is a pleasant surprise. I was hoping I wouldnt have to remove your stones with my claws today. Its a rather nice morning for something like that, wouldnt you agree? ” Eris remarked, the black-furred maiden scrutinizing the young guardsman with her icy blue eyes. Another bright and snow-free day had dawned on the village, one that had seen her don her cloak and head for the bakery. Gael had found her first. “You uh…are pretty scary when you want to be, ” the male remarked nervously, worrying his hands together. Eris placed hers over his, chuckling at his slight gasp. “You have nothing to fear, Gael. As I said, this is a pleasant surprise. ” “So you…would be interested? ” Gael asked hesitantly, tilting his head up to look her in the eye. She smiled softly at him. “You were honest with me, Gael. I will return the favor. Right now there is a male I have a distinct interest in. It is…not you. ” “Oh…I, well…” he stammered, face falling at her words. “Please Gael, allow me to finish. I am many things, and Im sure you will all say what you want about me, but I would like to think Im not a fool. Love is a two way affair, and I think it would be unfortunate if I were to close this door so soon. ” “I dont…understand. ” “Im sure. Quite simply, Gael, I intend to give the object of my affections a chance to respond to them. If he does, then I hope you will give us your blessing, should you care to do so. If he does not, or if he proves to not be the male that I thought he was, then I would very much like to spend some time with you at the next harvest festival if that is still to your liking. In the meantime, of course, should another female become smitten by your awkward bravery I will be most happy for you, ” Eris explained, seeming to enjoy the long and winding discourse. Gael smiled back at her and nodded, his scales finally settling along with his nerves. “I guess what they said was true then. But this is better than no, right? ” He reasoned, more for himself than for her. She raised her crest at him, her steely gray feathers glinting softly in the morning sun. “I do not know ‘what they say, but I would think so. Thank you, Gael. ” Without warning Eris leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Hmm, how strange. The human and Veera seem to enjoy this quite a bit. Perhaps Im doing it incorrectly. ” “Wha! What was that for? ” Gael spluttered, taking a step back as his heel crunched in the days old snow. Eris regarded him, completely unflustered. “Since no one is around I had hoped to give you a bit of reciprocation for the interest youve shown in me. I understand my answer is not the one youd hoped for, but I hope you can understand I dont dislike you either. ” “Yeah…I think I get it, ” Gael whispered, rubbing his cheek. “Ill see you around then, Eris? ” “But of course, Gael. I am truly glad you survived the forest. We have lost enough people this year. ” “Agreed. Selah. ” “Selah. ” As Eris headed to the main road and Gael returned to the barracks, neither noticed the slightly misshapen shadow in the adjoining alley. After a moment Winters helmet peeked around the side of the nearest building to where the two young ones had been standing. “We really need to stop doing this, ” Winters muttered, taking Veera by the hand as she stepped out into the light. “Its not like we heard it intentionally! ” Veera protested. Winters smirked under his helmet. “Of course, not this time at least. ” “You take some perverse delight in all of this, ” she accused. Winters shrugged. “And you dont? I wont say no to stumbling onto a bit of drama but goddamn, Eris is stone cold. Gael didnt stand a chance. ” “Hes a nice enough male, but it seems she really is interested in Xan. Dont you think? ” Veera asked, not knowing who else Eris could have been speaking of. Her mate stilled as they walked towards the temple of Kel where they hoped to find the young man in question. “Theres…a lot going on with Xan right now, ” he said quietly. “Ill fill you in on the way to the pod. ” “Oh, alright then, ” Veera responded hesitantly, distracted as the bundle in her arms shifted a bit. She took her hand back from Winters and rubbed Fenrirs head affectionately. “You were such a good boy, staying quiet while we listened, ” she cooed. Winters laughed as they continued on. “You know, I may actually come to like him. ” “What do you mean come to like him? ” Veera pressed. “You mean other than suddenly having to share the attention of the female I love? ” Winters replied easily, enjoying the telltale fluttering of Veeras crown. Thanks to the fine weather she had her hood back; her jet black and golden plumage danced for him. “I…” “Its fine, Veera. Im sure you have enough love for the both of us. I was more thinking about dogs back in my world. ” “Dogs? ” “They are a separate set of species that my people domesticated separately from the felines that Io told you about way back when. Dogs are descended from wolves, a pack hunting species that share quite a few traits with the hyrven, actually. Thing is, now that theyre domesticated the little ones always seem to love people, running around yipping and yapping for attention. Its cute but the noise can get grating after a while. Fenrir, on the other hand, ” Winters reached out to scratch the little thing between the ears. “Hes a wild animal. Right now hes surrounded by unfamiliar places and people. He doesnt know where his mother is but knows that we feed him and have protected him so far. Hes staying quiet so hes not discovered. I like that. Maybe Ill take him for a romp in the forest later. ” ‘I believe that would intersect well with your training regimen, sir. You have been slacking, Io informed him coolly. “I was missing my other half, wasnt motivated, ” Winters defended himself. “Russell! ” Veera gasped affectionately, chest tightening in response. Io was unimpressed. ‘I do believe Ive contracted diabetes. No excuses now, sir. You are whole again. “Sure, Io. Well pick this up later; we dont know if Thantis is in. ” The three of them had arrived before the black cloth door of the temple of Kel. With a call of greeting Veera led the way inside. “Hey Veera! ” Xan called out from his usual perch, a chair covered with leather and fur to ease his body as it recovered. She walked over and embraced him warmly with her free arm. “Woah hey, what was that for? And what is that? ” “Im just glad to see youre still alive and well, Xan. Im also feeling happy to be back. This is Fenrir! ” Veera exclaimed, holding out the little hyrven as if it were her child. Xans good eye almost popped out of his skull. “By Kel and Uthos…you know what, throw all the gods in for that matter. Thats a hyrven cub, isnt it? ” “You got it, ” Winters confirmed from over Veeras shoulder. “Newest member of the family it would seem. ” “Youre going to train it? ” Xan demanded, suddenly brimming with youthful energy. “Dont have a choice. Dont want it hurting anyone. ” “Can I? ” Xan asked, extending a hand outward. Veera nodded and knelt down so Fenrir was at a level with Xans outstretched paw. “Its alright Fenrir. Xan is a good guy, he wont hurt you, ” Veera tried to reassure the now squirming pup. She began petting him, initiating positive sensations that Xan soon added to. After a few moments the cub had settled, enjoying the touch of Cauthan fingers running through his fur. “Fenrir, huh? Thats a strange name. Hes pretty cute though. Hard to believe those killers all start out like this, ” Xan mused as he looked over the baby hyrven. “I guess things were pretty crazy out there? ” “Yes, it was certainly an interesting expedition, ” Veera confirmed. “But everyone made it back alive and theres plenty of meat and pelts now. Winter will not finish what those bastards started. ” “Yeah, ” Xan agreed, looking somber for a moment before Fenrir squirmed and pressed his head into Xans palm, demanding further scratches. The former guard smiled and obliged, prevented from focusing too long on what had transpired earlier that winter. “That thing is going to be the death of me. Too damn cute, ” Winters muttered, though he found Io smiling at him. ‘Perhaps we should bring Fenrir here more often, sir. It may help Xans mental recovery, to say nothing of what our dear Thantis would say if he were given the opportunity to- Ios private conversation was interrupted as the sound of a cane clattering to the floor came from the doorway to Thantis private quarters. The elderly Cauthan had a hand over his mouth and his eyes were practically shining with curiosity even in the dim light of the room. “By Kel, a baby hyrven! ” He whispered. Winters walked over to him and retrieved the cane. “I seem to be making a habit of this lately. Dont lose it, old one. ” “I thank you, Winters. Perhaps I shall make a habit of this as well, ” he replied, rapping the human lightly on the chest with the walking stick. “But to the matter at hand, what is the meaning of this? ” “Veera found him on the way back. His mother was killed in some sort of internal pack skirmish, ” Winters said, watching as Veera gingerly handed Fenrir over to Xan. The pup whined in protest for a moment until he realized that he was resting on some very soft chesko fur, at which point he was content to sit and stare at Xan, scrutinizing the latest Cauthan that was giving him attention. “So yeah, were going to try to train him and…” Winters trailed off, realizing that Thantis was no longer beside him. The elderly priest reappeared soon enough with fresh ink and scrolls before immediately setting them down on the table and furiously scribbling away. “How old would you say it is, perhaps a handful of cycles? Were in the third cycle of winter so lets just say hes five cycles old. Hold him still, would you Xan? Yes thank you, ” Thantis muttered, looming over the pup to measure it as best he could. “Hello there, young one. Arent you just the most curious ball of fur? How are your teeth, fully formed it seems? Perhaps the longer fur on the tips of his ears will come in later…” Thantis continued to ramble and mutter, taking notes with Xans assistance as the apprentice tried to keep the animal calm. They mostly succeeded. Winters moved to Veeras side as they worked, noticing that she looked ever more restless than Fenrir. “Easy, feather kitten. This is good for him. He needs to get used to the idea of Cauthan being around him and being friendly. Not just you. Otherwise hes likely to go after anyone who looks at you the wrong way, ” Winters explained, rubbing her shoulders to soothe her. Veera sighed and nodded, unbuttoning her cloak and removing it so Winters fingers could knead the muscles under her dress and fur. “Much as Id enjoy seeing him chase Ratha around the quarter, that wouldnt bode well for his long term survival. ” “Yes, I suppose youre right, Russell, ” she admitted, never taking her eyes off the little thing. Winters leaned over her shoulder. “You sure I dont have to worry? ” He teased. She swatted at him lovingly. “I think yesterday should be more than enough evidence to the contrary, ” she whispered, feeling her thighs tense and shoulders relax as she remembered the sensations of their latest joining. Winters reached around and hugged her to him. “Yeah, I know. Its alright, Veera. Nothings going to happen to him just sitting there. ” Winters slowly pulled away as the lighting inside the temple suddenly increased, the result of someone holding aside the door. Eris perpetually calm voice followed. “My my, I was not expecting so many guests. ” “Hoping for a little alone time with Xan? Might have a bit of competition there, ” Winters joked, watching how Fenrir seemed to implore Xan for protection every time Thantis came a bit too close. Eris leaned to one side, taking in the odd scene. “I daresay the two of you seem to cause chaos wherever you go, though admittedly this instance is rather adorable as well. ” “Yes, I suppose it has become something of a hobby, ” Veera admitted. “What brings you here, Eris? ” “As your insightful mate pointed out, ” Eris replied with a cold look at Winters. “I am here to see Xan. How are your wounds healing? ” Xan seemed to question whether or not he should answer, but his attention was promptly demanded by the white bundle of fur on his lap. “Alright, alright, settle down you! Thantis couldnt hurt a shen even if he wanted to. ” “And I daresay I would not, young one. Now, shes come all this way to check on you. It would be rude not to answer, ” Thantis encouraged. Xan rolled his eyes. “She lives around the corner. ” “And I can head right back around that corner if I am not wanted, ” Eris insisted. Winters turned to look at her more fully. Shed crossed her arms over her chest. “Youre very used to getting what you want, ” he remarked. She glared at him. “Are you always so rudely forthright? ” “I see you didnt disagree. ” “Shes an only child, Winters, ” Xan remarked from behind him. The human gave an exaggerated nod with his head as Xan continued, hoping to defuse the awkward tension forming between Winters and Eris. “Eris, my wounds are fine. My left eyes stopped itching for the most part and the other shallow wounds have closed and begun to scar over. My leg still hurts but its stopped oozing. Im…sure you all wanted to know that, ” he finished uncertainly. Eris opened her mouth but Veera beat her to it. “Thats wonderful, Xan! Maybe you and Russell can take Fenrir for a walk around the village sometime soon? ” She suggested. “Thats not a bad idea, ” Winters agreed. “It would be good to get the little guy acclimated to his new home once weve got a leash and a collar. What do you say, Xan? ” “Yeah, sounds fun actually, ” the lad admitted. “I guess being a useless cripple isnt so bad if you get hyrven duty out of it. ” “Xan! ” Eris and Veera shouted. Thantis looked at his apprentice with a worried gaze. “What? ” Winters asked with a shrug. “He is a cripple. Might as well make jokes about it, right kid? ” “Im getting there, ” Xan replied, looking nervously around him as Fenrir finally calmed enough to curl up and rest in his lap. “Aw, good boy. See, Im not so bad, right? Besides, if you ever need a snack its not like I can outrun you. ” “Xan! ” “What? ” “Alright, alright break it up, ” Winters ordered, walking forward and tenderly retrieving Fenrir from Xans lap. “Xan, humors well and good but dont use it to cover up if somethings wrong. You come to me, got it? ” “Yeah, got it, ” Xan whispered, suddenly looking embarrassed as Thantis rolled up his scroll and stashed it on one of the many shelves around them. The death priest seemed to sense the lay of the land, promptly heading outside when he was finished. “Well bring Fenrir by tomorrow, alright? ” Winters suggested. Xan nodded in agreement. “Cool. Eris, sorry for intruding. Well be on our way now. ” The female looked like she wanted to say a great many things to him but she remained silent, fluttering her feathers slightly as they left. Thantis was waiting for them just across the street. He waved them over and they joined him. “Please do not give up on him, ” the elder implored. “Dont worry, wouldnt dream of it, ” Winters assured him. “By the way, ” he said, handing Fenrir off to Veera so that he could present Thantis with the slim bundle hed been in possession of all the while. “I was going to give this to Xan but as Im sure you saw a baby hyrven is a bit more impressive than some cane. Do you think you could? ” He requested, showing the article to Thantis before handing it over. Veera made an impressed sound as she got a good look at it, the polished bone lightly reflecting the light of the star. “Thats a wonderful design. What does it say? Can I try? ” She asked. Thantis seemed plenty curious himself so he showed Veera the item, allowing her to read it while cradling her little cub. “D-death be not pr…prood? ” “Proud, ” Winters corrected her gently, allowing her to attempt the entire phrase. When she was finished he repeated it in Cauthan to Thantis. The elders eyes lit with understanding and he nodded solemnly. “Thank you, human. This means a great deal to us both. ” “My pleasure, Thantis. You take care now. ” “Selah, Thantis. Just let me know when you want to examine Fenrir again! ” Veera offered playfully. He bowed to them both. “Ah, you know me too well, child. Selah and thank you. ” With that Thantis headed for the temple of Meylith, leaving the two of them standing in the street. “Russell, I think Id like to hear about Xan now. He worries me, ” Veera pressed. Winters nodded, relaxing against the nearest building as light foot traffic crossed the road before them. A few spared them and the little pup a glance. “He worries me a lot less than he did a week ago. Hes still in a dark place, Veera, but he wants to get out of it now. He feels useless, like his broken body will forever hold him back in life. I cant say hes wrong necessarily. I went to him the day after you left, talked to him about things. He said he wished he were dead, that we hadnt saved him that night. ” ‘I was momentarily offended, Io added playfully before informing Veera of what had transpired. ‘The Lieutenant broke just about every rule in the book as far as approaching a suicidal patient is concerned, but he achieved a desired result. Winters threw his head back and looked at the sky. “I told you, Io. He wasnt suicidal. He didnt have the will to end his own life, he just wished that someone else would, ” he said with mild exasperation. Veera listened with a stern expression. “And what did you do? ” She asked pointedly. ‘This absolute madman offered him his sidearm and yelled at him to blow his brains out! “Russell! ” “Io you bloody traitor! ” “Dont you take it out on her, Russell Winters! ” “Veera, it wasnt like that! ” “Oh really? Because I seem to recall someone saying I needed to be punished for misuse of human weapons! ” Veera shouted, causing Fenrir to whine and struggle against her. A few more passing Cauthan looked at them, causing them both to take a step down. “Im sorry sweetie, I wasnt mad at you, ” Veera tried to soothe the beast. “And Im not necessarily mad at you either, Russell, but I feel youve been a bit hypocritical. ” Winters turned his helmet to her, unwilling to fight a battle he knew hed only win on technicalities. He leaned close and whispered to her instead. “So punish me then. ” Ios eyes were wide as saucers in his visor. ‘Oh yes, Veera. Punish him, she drooled. The Cauthan looked long and hard at her mates impassive helmet. “I dont…really understand, ” she whispered, suddenly feeling self-conscious. “Damn you and your ability to get me all out of sorts whenever you please! ” “Io, dont you dare, ” Winters interjected, watching as his companion looked ready to spill all sorts of deviant secrets into Veeras ear. He placed a hand on his mates shoulder. “Its part of the fun of being together, youll see. ” Veera stared at him for a long while, debating whether or not to take back up the argument over weapons, their love life, or neither. “Alright, Russell. I suppose we shall have plenty of privacy in the forest. Shall we go? ” She asked, content to leave the issue for another time. He looked up at the temple of Kel. “Can we wait a few more moments? Im sure Fenrir probably needs to do his business but I wanted to see if I can catch Eris on her way out. ” “Ill take him outside the gates and maybe have him say hello to father. Dont do anything rash, ” Veera ordered. “I just need to understand her intentions, ” he confirmed. “I saw the way she interacted with that kid, Gael was his name? Shes too smooth for her own damn good. She and Xan can figure whatever else out but I wont have her hurting him, not now. ” Veera let out a long breath and looked back at the temple. “I dont know theres anything you can do, but I trust you. I know how much his survival means to you…to us. ” “Im just going to talk, Veera. ” “Very well, Russell. Meet me at the east gate. ” “Yes, my love. ”. As Eris left the temple of Kel she saw a very unwelcome sight, an armored figure in white with a chesko cloak watching her intently from across the main thoroughfare. She sighed and walked over to him, mimicking his careless lean against someones wall. “I assume theres a reason youre just standing here looking like a delinquent? ” She asked. “Cut the shit, wise girl. You talk a damn good game, letting the guard boys dance around in that little palm of yours. Xan isnt your toy. ” “So, the beast slayer also takes to creeping around the streets and spying on unmated females? Imagine the scandal. ” “Dont try to weasel out of this one. Half your people would probably vote for me if the council decided I should rule your village. ” “I see Veera has a taste for the arrogant. ” “Im only going to ask you one more time, what is Xan to you? ” Winters growled, his scowl matching Ios own. The AI had not taken kindly to Eris prickly personality. “I dont see why I need to explain anything to someone like you, ” Eris declared, turning away only to find the human standing before her again. “You move quickly. ” “You listen to me and you listen good, Eris. I saw that boy bleeding out in the snow after killing four men. His brothers died around him. I taught him just enough to get him out of that fight alive, but it wasnt enough to keep him whole. So I sewed him back up and kept him on this side of the plane. I killed so many of your kind that night, but I was able to save one. So hear me now, Eris, I swear on all of your gods that if you toy with that boys heart I will rip yours from your chest, ” he whispered vehemently. Eris didnt flinch throughout, but he could see her face changing slightly. Her eyes looked about for solace. “I see. I do not like you, human. ” ‘Oh my, what a shock, Io exclaimed sarcastically, hand over her chest. “I dont give a fuck. ” “No, I suppose not. Very well, since you saved his life…Xan is the object of my affections. I do not care to explain why as that is none of your business. I do not intend to toy with his heart; I do not intend to entertain other offers until the next harvest. However I will not debase myself and plead for him. I will not beg him to take me. ” “What the-” “You may have saved his body, but his heart is full of darkness. I cannot give my love to a male who refuses to love himself. Good day to you, human. I hope we will not speak of this again. ” With that Eris strode away, head held high. Winters shook his head and stared after her, feeling shell-shocked. “What do you think? ” ‘I think you may have confused female pride for devious manipulation. “I did a bad thing, didnt I? ” He asked, feeling the pitting guilt rise in his guts. ‘No, sir. We pieced that boy back together. But it seems that Eris has deduced what we already know. I find it hard to say she is in the wrong either, Io lamented as Winters made his way to where Veera would be awaiting him. “I cant begrudge her that. Xan said as much himself; he thinks she sees him as a charity case. I dont know if I can encourage him to break out of that on his own. Someone like Eris might be the kick in the pants he needs. No one wants to beg to be loved. ” ‘Perhaps we should simply focus on Xans health without regard to Eris. This village now suffers from a surplus of fertile females. He will have choices even if losing her is the lesson he needs. “Fair point, Io. I guess I did say we shouldnt be playing matchmaker on this one. Eris would just hate me more and might even take it out on Xan. ” ‘Agreed. Can we go play with the fluffy space puppy now? Io requested. Winters laughed. “Yes, we can go play with the space puppy. ”. “You are very difficult to hold onto, ” Veera told Fenrir as she walked back from the edge of the woods. The pup had taken off for them as soon as shed set him down, but a combination of needing to stop to relieve himself and some tactically placed pieces of chesko meat saw him back in custody shortly thereafter. The hyrven cocked its head at her. “Well, at least you know when mommy is talking to you, ” she sighed, feeling almost guilty about using that word. Seeing that Winters was not yet at the gate she made a detour for the field of shrines. “Hello dad, Im back again. No shortage of crazy things happening around here as you can probably tell. This is Fenrir and hes the newest member of our family. Russell has been wonderful about the whole thing. If anything he even seems excited about the challenge. And no, I wont be telling either of you about our relationship. Its going very well and hes more than enough for me. Well be having our bonding ceremony soon, in half a cycle. I really wish the two of you could be here in person. ” Veera fell silent for a moment, feeling a tear coming as she gave voice and perspective to the immense changes happening in her life. She reached down to nuzzle Fenrir. “Im sure Russell feels that way about his family as well. Ill try my best to do what you did for mother, dad. To make a place for him in a new, unfamiliar world, for this little guy too. ” “Hey Veera! ” Winters voice called out from the gate. “You good? ” She smiled and bowed her head. “Things are good, dad. Say hi to mom for me. Bye! ” With that she turned and jogged over to her mate, trilling happily as he embraced her, sandwiching Fenrir gently between the two of them. “Its almost impossible to let him out of my hands. I almost didnt get him back. ” “Lets go solve that problem then, shall we? ” Winters suggested. “Io, do we have what we need? ” ‘An adjustable harness was a very interesting project, the AI reported as they began a long trek out to Veeras farm. ‘I would recommend two, one for his first year or so depending on how quickly he matures and one for when he reaches adulthood or something close to it. The amount of material needed to restrain a fully grown hyrven would be a bit too much for him, even if you could adjust it to his body size. “Shouldnt be a problem though, right? We can make a second one in the summer when the pod is all juiced up. ” ‘Indeed, sir. A simple nylon harness and leash should be well within our capabilities. Plastic or polycarbonate clamps will have to suffice for now. “Agreed, no sense in draining our stores of metal for something so trivial. ” “Russell! He is not trivial! ” Veera insisted. “No, hes not. But compared to fixing my pod or possibly reforging Ios CPU, thats low on the list of priorities. ” “I see. Do you think you can do it? Do you think you can heal Io? ” Veera asked intently, holding Fenrir tighter as he began squirming again, trying to see all of the trees and possibly get away from her. She couldnt be sure. Winters rubbed his neck. “We discussed it once already. The pod simply cant do it. ” ‘Veera, think of it like what happened when I first encountered your genetic material, the xDNA. You recall? “Not too fondly Io, but yes I do. ” ‘Indeed. My apologies, Veera. However it is an apt example. I was able to determine what your genetic code is made of without being able to read the code itself. The situation is similar. The Lieutenants pod could certainly recreate my CPU, but it is unable to enact the conditions necessary for quantum computing. “Uh…care to help, Russell? ” Veera asked, pulling her hood up as the shade of the trees proved a bit cool for her feathers. “Im no Beta brain, but from what I do understand the technology that allows Io to exist takes advantage of various properties of those tiny particles we discussed when we were talking about the universe. Theres something about how if you arent looking at them they can be in some unknown state, called a superposition. The more of them you have, the more states you can have. Somehow we managed to get groups of them to work together and formed a computer that can be in many states at once instead of just one. It allows for the brute force calculation necessary to create Io. Did that make sense? ” He asked. “No…not really, love. ” ‘Sir, if I might give a demonstration? Io proposed, instructing him to draw a four by four grid in the snow. He did so as Veera looked over his shoulder curiously. ‘Now Veera, the old technology of humanity, what they had access to before their uplift, worked as follows. Imagine if in order to arrive at an answer to a problem, a computer must solve a smaller problem in each of those sixteen squares. “Alright, that seems straightforward enough. How does yours work? ” ‘Mine would create an array of four different quantum points. In doing so, it would be able to address all sixteen problems at once via superposition. There is honestly no easy way to explain this except to tell you that when things get very small we have a hard time understanding exactly where they are and where they are going. Fortunately we can take advantage of that uncertainty to have them be everywhere and nowhere. “I dont understand this at all, ” Veera grunted, annoyance clear in her tone. “But I understand that Russells technology isnt precise enough to create something that impressive. Can we make something for Fenrir to chew on instead? ” Veera asked, looking apologetically at Winters for shifting the conversation back to the newest male in the family, and to something far less scientific. “Dont you think he might enjoy something more natural? Like a bone? ” He proposed. “Though now that I think about it, a muzzle might be necessary. ” “Whats that? ” Veera asked, enjoying the feel of the slightly harder snow under her feet. Her claws gripped it easily. “You wont like it Im sure, but its something that goes over his mouth to prevent him from biting people. ” “Give him a chance first, please, ” Veera implored. “You already disciplined him for it. ” Winters looked over at her. “I enjoy that fire in your eyes, Veera. ” “Russell…” she simpered, feeling her chest tighten. He didnt stray further down that road, spawning mixed feelings in her breast. “I hear you, Veera. I guess we can stick to a leash and harness for now. I actually wanted your opinion on something. I was thinking it would be good to teach him to hunt with me. ” Even Io raised her brow at that. Hed not discussed it with her before. “To what end? Wouldnt that feed his instincts? ” The Cauthan asked worriedly. “Yes, thats possible, ” Winters admitted. “But if he learns to hunt with me, as a partner, it might be better for him. We let him out into the forest if he gets hungry; teach him how to feed himself. Never mind, youre right. He might hunt someone in the village or the shen. He might never come back from a hunt. ” Veera gasped and cradled Fenrir closer. Winters hung his head. “Yeah, alright, maybe thats not the best idea. But I still think he should learn to hunt with me. He will want to hunt and mate and breed as he grows older. The more of those instincts we can fulfill on our own terms the less reason hell have to run off on us when hes grown. ” Veera nodded silently, a worried expression on her face as they trudged on. “Im afraid I made a mistake, ” Veera admitted as they crossed the small bridge to her farm. “I just couldnt bear to see him die. ” Winters grabbed her forearm gently and bade her to halt. Shed been hushed for quite a while. “Veera, were going to do this. I just want to do it right. ” “I know, but I just changed our entire lives on impulse and now I dont know if it was the right thing to do, ” she lamented. Winters bobbed his head in understanding. “Yeah, and I charged the gates of your village a little while back, all to save this frail alien woman I couldnt even communicate with. You think I would change that? ” He asked kindly. She stood next to him and kissed the side of his helmet. ‘Oh my, thank you Veera, Io blushed affectionately. “You were very brave that day, ” Veera whispered. Winters looked her up and down. “I want to say a bunch of sappy things right now but they all sound too ridiculous, ” Winters chuckled. “How about we go make this little guy a few things? We can praise each other on our positive qualities while we wait, alright? ” Veera giggled at his offer as Io made herself known via the B-MASS. ‘I hope you both have plenty to say about me. “Thank you for allowing us the use of your temple, Alyra. I hope your fellows were not inconvenienced, ” Gentia began kindly, addressing the sandy-furred Cauthan across the fire from her. She, Thantis, and the other high priests of the village were seated around a large blaze in the center of the temple of the Twins. A loom and various other workstations lined the walls around them, looking oddly imposing in the firelight and darkness. Night had just fallen outside. “It is no problem, Gentia. I had to shoo little Asha away from that cloak shes working on for the humans mate, but she understood well enough. ” “Can I go one day without hearing about that man? ” Ratha lamented with a huff. Antoth punched her in the shoulder, though not hard enough to hurt. “Nows not the time, Ratha. Whatever he has done hes not one of us. This is about our future. ” The Guardian scolded her as logs crackled and sparked. The faces around the fire nodded. Ratha was unimpressed. “Then lets just get this over with. We all know youre going to be the one, ” she insisted before muttering under her breath. “Valta knows, better you than me. ” “Ratha-” “I see the two of you are getting along splendidly, ” Gentia remarked, eliciting boisterous laughter from the high priest of Tyrdus. Ratha shot daggers at both of them. “Oh come now, its a tad unorthodox to be sure but after all thats happened we will need all of the cubs we can support. When are you due? ” Antoth thought he was about to have a stroke while his ‘partner ground her teeth so loudly he could hear them, her claws digging into his leg. Thantis saved them by poking Gentia with his cane. “Now now, dear. Perhaps it is best not to provoke the future leader of this village and the female he has chosen? She is plenty formidable in her own right. ” Ratha spoke with barely controlled ire. “Listen to your mate, Gentia. What Antoth and I do is none of your business. ” “It may well be soon enough, unless you have another suggestion for the next priest of Seil, ” Alyra cut in. “We all understand the reality of the situation, that certain arrangements may be necessary to replace our losses in battle. That said, if you become pregnant with his cub before being bonded…” “Will you all shut up about a cub? We havent even-” Ratha gasped and threw her hands over her mouth. Antoth sighed heavily, knowing that her temper would eventually get the better of her. It always did. He took her hand in his. “I want to leave this place, now, ” she whispered. Antoth felt his chest tighten, felt the urge to protect someone who certainly needed no protection. He cleared his throat and addressed the council. “I assume thats your vote then? ” He asked sullenly. Gentia spoke up, looking at him with understanding. “Truth be told Antoth, this meeting was mostly perfunctory. You stepped in after Vashs demise and led this village through one of the most trying times in recent memory. We will survive thanks to the human, but the human cannot and will not lead us. He sees you as an equal. Your people have looked up to you, long before you distinguished yourself in combat. None of us command the authority you do. You will be the councils choice unless there are any objections. ” Silence reigned after Gentias statement as shadows flickered along the wooden walls of the temple. Antoth rubbed his forehead. “Other than my own, you mean? ” “Yes, Antoth. For what its worth Im sorry, ” Gentia added with a slim smile. “Who will serve Uthos then? ” “Youll pick a successor, scarface. Just imagine youve been killed in battle. Who would you want in your stead? ” “You always have something nice to say, Ratha. ” “Im sure your death was glorious, ” she teased. To her surprise Antoth actually smiled, baring his teeth as he seemed to remember something particularly stupid. “I suppose I did jump off the gatehouse, ” he replied. Ratha smiled right back. “Very well. Tomorrow then? ” “Weather permitting, yes, ” Thantis confirmed. “The process shall be the same as always, that we may present a steady and familiar hand to guide our people. It would be best to have a successor in mind. ” “I understand. Is that all? ” Antoth requested. “Unless there is something else you wish to share with us? ” Gentia replied. “No, there is not. ” “Then goodnight everyone. ” At Gentias dismissal a chorus of goodbyes rose from the group and they left the temple. Ratha practically dragged Antoth with her, not stopping until they reached her room in the temple of Valta. There was still plenty of activity going on during the day, but she was pleased to see that the hunters had gone home for the evening. “This place is looking a lot better, ” Antoth remarked, looking around and finding ursae meat in pretty much every stage of processing, much of it slated to be preserved via salt, smoke, or other methods. A great pile of bone was being refined into tools. The temple was on its way to recovery but Ratha said nothing, nothing until they were safely alone in her only sanctum. “I hate this! I hate them all! ” She yelled, throwing a punch at him that he easily caught. Ratha swung again and again, letting her anger flow from her the only way she knew how. Antoth bore it silently, finally removing his cloak when Ratha sank to her knees in exhaustion. He helped her back to her feet. “I know you dont really mean that. Feel like talking now? ” He asked softly. She shook her head and feathers. “No. ” With surprising tenderness Ratha stood on tiptoe and took his lip between her teeth. Antoth caught a faint whiff of salt from her muzzle. “Ratha…” “Dont look at me like that, ” she pleaded, wrapping her arms around herself. He stepped forward and held the small bundle of auburn fur to him, purring in what he hoped was a comforting pattern. She cried softly into his armor, he didnt know for how long. He didnt care. Every day with her was proving to be a new challenge, a new surprise, a new reward. She made him feel alive. Finally she looked up at him again, her watery green eyes faintly visible to him in the almost darkness. “I dont know whats happening to me. ”. Previous] p. First] f. Next] n. Wiki] w. Support Me] y. Swag] t.

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